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Erasmus + Project DesignIt is a two year R&D project in Higher Education from 2017-2019.

Design It project aims at encouraging innovation, creativity among Higher Education students supporting them in bringing ideas into action. Our solution is providing Higher Education educators with methods and gamified tools for design thinking. We will apply Design thinking through gamified ICT deployment in the context of entrepreneurship education in formal and informal entrepreneurship education contexts as a complementary learning tool. 

The project will improve the current situation in entrepreneurship education in Higher Education courses. The impact is created in the participating Higher Education institutions by empowering the changes towards creative interdisciplinary project based learning with gamified design thinking approaches. This will happen by exchanging gamifying and design thinking experiences among partners and creating new application ways for gamified design thinking in different contextual settings in engineering and entrepreneurship education courses.

The intelletual outputs of DesignIt project are:

Learning needs analysis and developing methodological frameworks for Design thinking in Higher Education.

DesignIT will produce a learning game for promoting design thinking mindsets in formal and informal entrepreneurship education contexts as a complementary learning tool.

Instructional support material for Higher Education educators to adopt Design thinking tools in HE courses (entrepreneurship education) to promote the integration of project outcomes into educational practices.

The project results will be validated in the context of the project implementation in diverse higher educational sectors ranging from media, to computer engineering, social sciences, vocational, and other engineering principles. We will produce good practices based evaluation results of gamified Design thinking methodologies and tools.