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DesignIT wireframes

Students of Metropolia Henri Taussi and Teemu Viisanen developed the wireframes for gamifying the DesignIT game. The app is aimed for gamified team-based ideation in the design thinking process. The design challenges are set up for players to collect ideas on different type of canvases and to brainstorm. The teams can compete on how they complete the canvases with content, as well as buy suitable content for their canvases from other teams. The goodness of contents for the specific challenge is evaluated by game master and other players. The experience points are used for ranking teams and players. The coins are used for transactions. DesignIT game user interface consist of four main tabs which are lobby, progress, work map and review. Lobby: At the sign in stage gamemaster (a teacher) can decide game…
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Participatory design for game idea

The gamified design thinking apprach for DesignIt was developed together with the students from Metropolia. First phase was the kick off meeting. Members of the project described how they understood the topic of design thinking and what the goal should be for the serious game. After which, we discussed what kind of constraints, values and gaps there might be in creating such a game for students and teachers (see e.g. Tran 2017 and IDEO 2013). The session of discussion amounted into two documents drafting the potential idea of the game to be created – a draft concept of the game. Second phase consisted on detecting gaps and constraints we had found in the phase one and which needed further investigation. We could have used the Data Canvas (number 3 in…
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DesignIT project meeting in Volos

At the project kick-off meeting in Volos, Thessaloniki University (26-27.10.2017) the team discussed how to investigate the state of art of teaching design thinking in the partner countries. The team was planning how to gamify the empathization and ideation phase of design thinking. The first gamified design thinking practices will be developed by and tested in Fall 2018.
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