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DesignIt project meeting was held in Tallinn University, Estonia at May 10-11th, 2018.

The project members from Finland, Greece, Estonia and Portugal discussed the wireframes of the gamified DesignIT ideation tool. The tool enables the game master (teacher or student) to prompt design challenges. Related with each challenge the boards with ideation templates can be set up. The tool enables to upload various open source design thinking templates to support the phases of:

  1. Contextual inquiry
  2. Interview users to get their problems
  3. Develop design idea, validate the idea what are user challenges
  4. Do first mockup and validate it
  5. Validate prototype

Players can assign themselves to the design challenges.┬áProcess of collecting evidences is gamified. Each challenge has a time-frame, and after it ends the players need to upload it to the review. The players can gain points individual experience and team points when they are submitting their work or rating the other design groups’ work.

Creativity in ideation is prompted various ways, by initiation of brainstorming sessions where other groups can contribute to the challenge, using game-master advice, buying content from other groups etc.

The meeting discussed the progress with intellectual outputs planning the evaluation framework and learning sheets for testing the DesignIT tool with higher education students.

The team has decided to build on the results from several active learning Erasmus+ projects to publish the book about the gamified methods for learning.


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